Sunday, 27 October 2019

It has been a long time since I last opened my blog. I survived the book release, book presentations and signings, readings of the book to children, interviews in not a native language (which is painful for me as for introvert) and after all, a book release in french, which was of no monetary benefit for me, I still can say I am happy and grateful. Leaving behind, the unethical behaviour of the publishing house, financial struggles and extreme multi-tasking, I am still grateful for those who were supportive, kind and able to understand and share the moments of joy with me. Now, once I found peace and inner strength to thoughtfully reflect on what had happened, without public admiration and commercial rationale behind, I can say I have grown together with my characters.

Today, I was dreaming a Bear and a Goose, as if they were alive. It means they do exist, they are alive. I gave birth to these characters and now they are looking after me, saying "Hey, Nadia, you need to draw, you need to continue, give us a chance to see summer, autumn, spring!".  I saw how mums were reading story of the bear and the goose to their kids, I saw how children were drawing the bear and the goose in the way they saw them, I even saw the interpretation by professional actors. There were so many of these sentimental details along the way!

Today is probably the first time I looked at the book of mine and felt in love with it. Before I did not like any single spread of it. But I think it is crucial to look over it, accept it, love it, in order to start something new, something greater. I believe, great things happen when we give up, when we stop controlling and let everything go, we feel the insignificance of ours and start considering perspective of those who we love.

So to start my next journey, I upload the whole book for the reference. Here it is!

Saturday, 19 December 2015

My Interview by Nieko Rimto

Happy to share my interview taken by Nieko Rimto children publishing house. Revealing all the secrets about creating the great Bear and his little friend Goose, getting inspired and simply living a life of an illustrator. Enjoy! (the interview is written in Lithuanian)

My Book in the Bookstore

Pleased to announce that my book is available for sale in all major bookstores in Lithuania. I found one just before the sales assistant started putting them on the shelves :)

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Autumn Resolution

After moments of silence, I am glad to share the great news. "The Bear and a Goose" book by Nieko Rimto is on sale in major book stores of Lithuania from December 1st, 2015. To know more about the process of creating the book and getting inspired stayed tuned for the interview which is coming the following week. This coming days, I am also expecting a copy of the second book "The Book of World Fairy Tales" by Terra Publica. More than that, preparing to exhibit "The Bear and the Goose" artwork at Simonaitytes Library in the Middle of February. What a fruitful autumn it is.

photo credit Karolina Keika.

Friday, 11 September 2015

My First Childrens Book is on its Way

Done illustrating my first book "A Bear and a Goose". The book is getting published by the biggest Lithuanian Children's publishing house "Nieko Rimto" in the end of autumn, 2015.